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I don't want to hold your hand

What will be the image that frames the news reporting of June 29's White House meeting between U.S. President Barack Obama and King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia? Surely not another bow toward the desert monarch, as caught on video at the London G-20 meeting in April 2009. Or what hypercritics saw as a further deferential bob in Riyadh last June, when the president leaned forward so the shorter king could confer on him the King Abdul Aziz Order of Merit, a chunky necklace that Obama took off within seconds. Of course, what the White House staff most wants to avoid is any image as awkward as the shot of President George W. Bush and then Crown Prince Abdullah walking arm in arm at the start of a meeting at Bush's Crawford, Texas, ranch in April 2002. The shot was memorialized by Michael Moore in Fahrenheit 9/11 and, with Moore himself superimposed in place of Abdullah, became the poster for the movie, plastered on thousands of theater walls across the United States. 

The billionaire Saudi prince

Saudi Arabia Oil opportunities

Saudi Council of Health Ministers

Saudi National Security Council in Riyadh

Largest Business market in the Middle East

The prince, 54, built his fortune by investing in brand- name companies he considered undervalued, including Apple Inc., News Corp. and Time Warner Inc. Forbes magazine estimated he was worth $13.3 billion in March, ranking him 22nd among the world’s billionaires. This year, Alwaleed’s investments haven’t kept pace with the Saudi benchmark. Shares of Riyadh-based Kingdom Holding have declined 4.3 percent. The Tadawul All-Share Index, the largest market in the Middle East by market value, has gained 19 percent. Kingdom Holding’s assets are valued at $7.26 billion, while the Prince owns $3.18 billion of real estate and $1.56 billion of media assets such as LBC and Rotana Holding, Arabian Business said, citing his financial accounts. Alwaleed’s other major assets, including an Airbus A380, are valued at $1.7 billion. 

Saudi Arabia’s richest man

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, Citigroup Inc.’s largest individual investor, was ranked the richest Saudi national by Arabian Business, even after losing 4.6 percent of his personal wealth in the past year. Alwaleed’s assets are valued at $16.3 billion, compared with $17.1 billion last year, the Dubai-based magazine said yesterday in its 2009 Saudi Rich List, citing the accounts of Kingdom Holding Co., the prince’s investment company. The global credit crisis, lower oil prices and a decline in demand for crude have hurt investment and energy companies operating in Saudi Arabia. Kingdom Holding’s second-quarter profit slumped 83 percent as returns on Alwaleed’s investments in stock markets and hotels fell. Citigroup lost 73 percent of its value in the past 12 months as investment losses eroded its capital. 

Saudi Arabia Business Company Kingdom Holdings Company

Saudi Arabian Prince Alwaleed bin Talal (C) embraces French president Nicolas Sarkozy (2ndL) eyed by Prince Alwaleed bin Talal's wife, Princess Amira (L) and French Culture minister Christine Albanel on July 16, 2008 in Paris, during the ceremony marking. MAV Aircraft Services, Inc is proud to announce the contractual alliance with Kingdom Holdings to create per specification the recertification and completion of their newly acquired Airbus 321 to that of a VVIP aircraft. The aircraft has already been delivered to MAV’s Fort Worth facility, and the completion effort has begun. MAV acknowledges the efforts of Kingdom Holding, major vendors, and of course the MAV team for the successful joint effort required to bring this project to fruition. The contract was finalized and signed by His Royal Highness Prince Alwaleed bin Talal and MAV President Tohnni Jones in Sharm El Sheik Egypt. As with all of MAV’s endeavors, it is MAV’s sincere effort to ally with Kingdom Holdings Company, Namely Pete Viljoen, pilot for the A321, to assure a successful and beautiful completion on a timely basis and add Kingdom Holdings Company to their ever growing list of committed and loyal clients.  

Saudi stake in General Motors in USA

Saudi tycoon Prince Alwaleed bin Talal

Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal in Kathmandu

Beautiful Arabia Mehendi designs

The Valentine 2010 is the Charming day for the Lovers. This Valentine was Historic for girls especially for those women who decor herself to become Valentine. In this valentine girls also preferred red color now which is becomes lover’s color. Girls choose best dresses, stylish and lovely hair styles but in this valentine here is come one more practice that women also use Mehendi designs to look beautiful and lovely. Here I am going to share some stylish henna designs which may be used in this valentine 2010 and may also be in next 2011. In this Valentine 2010 Mehendi Designs contains Arabic, Indian, Irani and Pakistani floral and simple designsIt’s a beautiful Pakistani Mehendi designs with beautiful simple floral style and leaf patterns. Beautiful Pakistani girls used these types of mehendi (Henna) at this Lovely Valentine.

Saudi Arabia Working Women

What Not To Show in Saudi Arabia

The producer of ‘What Not To Show’ says that for this show Trinny and Susannah are taking a completely different approach. ‘Basically we have found some slightly overweight and self conscious Saudi women and told them to stop worrying about it because no one can see them anyway.’ Trinny and Susannah look at their colouring, the hair, the facial structure and body shape of the selected women and then explain to viewers that the best thing in all cases would be for the models to cover themselves up with a long black veil with just a tiny slit for the eyes. You’ve got beautiful eyes love, so show them off, wear something that really draws attention to your best feature’ said Trinny to one lady who was eager to get some clothing advice to bring some variety to her wardrobe. ‘Look at these clothes they’re all baggy, dark tops that say ‘Don’t look at me’. And what you need is some more clothes exactly the same as these ones…’  

Western Culture of Saudi Arabia

TV style experts Trinny and Susannah are doing a new fashion show in Saudi Arabia, giving devout Muslim women tips on how to look good and feel great while wearing a black veil from head to toe. The new programme is a departure from their recent programmes featuring female nudity or items on feel-good ladies’ underwear or carefully-measured bra fittings. The producer of ‘What Not To Show’ says that for this show Trinny and Susannah are taking a completely different approach. ‘Basically we have found some slightly overweight and self conscious Saudi women and told them to stop worrying about it because no one can see them anyway.’ Trinny and Susannah look at their colouring, the hair, the facial structure and body shape of the selected women and then explain to viewers that the best thing in all cases would be for the models to cover themselves up with a long black veil with just a tiny slit for the eyes. 

Dress of Muslim woman in Saudi Arabia

Love jewelry in Saudi Arabia

What Muslim women wear in Saudi Arabia

Many people think , that Muslim women who cover themselves do not care how they look like ,or they don't care about fashion and they don't know how to dress or how to look beautiful ..Most misconception is that Muslim women are forced to cover their bodies ,because men force them to do so .. Well ,we all know that it is not truth .We all know that we look beautiful and care about our bodies ,about our personality ,our dignity and our respect ,that's why we cover .We conceal our bodies from the eyes of the strangers .We keep our beauty for our husbands . As we know there is nothing wrong in dressing up and buying beautiful clothing ,but we should not go to extremes and be excessive . So what do you wear at home or for women's only occasions? I think many of us prefer Maxi dresses,but as for me I only wear them under my Jilbab or abaya 

Muslim women clothing in Saudi Arabia

Some people have misconception and confusion about Muslim women clothing .Most people think that Muslim women can only wear black .Even among Muslims there is misunderstanding about this ..For example ,I completely disagree with the rule in Saudi Arabia that Muslim women MUST wear black abaya .. To clear this misconception I would like to post the following evidences that IT IS NOT A MUST TO WEAR BLACK ,BUT  MANY WOMEN CHOSE TO WEAR BLACK  not because it is obligatory, but because it is farthest removed from being an adornment. There are reports which indicate that the women of the Sahaabah used to wear black.  And a reminder for myself first and all of us ,is that what we wear should not be an adornment itself .We have to be careful with wearing decorated Hijabs and clothes ,which is most common nowdays among us ..

Women in Saudi Arabia Politics

Women fashion Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

She says that had it not been for the unstinted support given by her husband, a former IAF officer, and her two children, she would not have achieved what she has. Although her husband Wing Commander (Dr) S.N. Bandhopadyay retired from service many years ago, he continued to support her. Similarly, her sons have been extremely cooperative. Even as children, they were never demanding and always excelled in their studies. Sometimes she felt rather guilty because of her constant postings. On their part, the children adjusted well to the nomadic life and developed self-confidence, which helped them build their futures. She wanted at least one of them to be in the Armed Forces but that was not to be. Her message to the women of India is "In India, a woman can aspire for any post, depending on her aptitude and capabilities. One should remember to go ahead despite the social pulls and pushes." After retirement, she wants to involve herself in `social organisations’ in order to help the poor and destitute to give back something to the society which gave her honour and glory in abundance. Born at Tirupati on November 4, 1944, Bandhopadyay is the daughter of a Government servant who had the privilege of working under Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, John Mathai and C.D. Deshmukh.  

Saudi Arabia Most modern Fashion

Arabian Scholarship for MBA in Hospitality Management

Saudi Arabia career in Hospitality Management

Hospitality Industry Scholarships for Saudi Arabia

Popular shopping centers in Saudi Arabia

v      Al Aziziah Mall
v      Al Othaim Mall
v      Euromarche Shopping Centre
v      Khurais Plaza
v      Faisaliah Shopping Mall
v      Rimal center
v      Riyadh Sahara Mall
v      Granada Centre
v      Kingdom Centre
v      Le Mall
v      La Centria Mall
v      Nujood Mall
v      Hayat Mall
v      Silicone Mall
v      Localizer Mall
v      Riyadh Gallery
v      Akkariya Buildings
v      Al Mousa Center
v      Olaya Mall
v      Sahara Plaza

Here are links which distinguishes between the commercial centers, famous markets, super and hyper markets as well as their locations and specialties:

Largest city in the Middle East

Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia and is one of the larger cities in the Middle East. Due to money from the oil boom of the 1970s and 1980s, this wealthy city has developed over the years into an oasis of glass skyscrapers, gigantic shopping complexes, and a wealth of Riyadh museums that document the Islamic culture of Saudi Arabia. There are many attractions to explore in Riyadh. Al Bathaa is the heart of Riyadh Saudi Arabia and is the oldest part of the city. Most tourists visit Al Bathaa to shop in bazaars, visit Riyadh museums, mail a letter at the post office, or visit the bank. Not too far is the recently renovated Riyadh Zoo, which was established in 1957. Another popular attraction is the Al Musmak Castle. The castle, which represents the unification of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, was originally built in 1865 and has been renovated for tourism. Al Musmak Castle has many notable landmarks, including a mosque and a grand palace gate.  

Saudi Arabia Environment Programme

Organised by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the UAE Ministry of Environment and Water, the Sustainable Eco-Tourism in Desert Ecosystems conference in Dubai was arranged to discuss sustainable development, conservation of natural resources and tourism growth. A benchmark in discussions was the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DDCR); the first and largest protected wildlife conservation area in the UAE, formally recognised as a Protected Area by UNEP and also home to Emirates Hotels and Resorts’ Al Maha property. In 2003, the Government of Dubai took the decision to create the conservation area and charged Emirates with its management and protection. Since then, Emirates has invested over AED 10 million (US $2.7 million) in support of wildlife conservation programmes, scientific research and protection of this 225km² area. 

Wildlife conservation zone in Saudi Arabia

Salam Park is located in the heart of Saudi Arabia, near Musmak Castle and the mosque of Imam, and is a must see for Riyadh tours. This sixteen million dollar Salam Park project is more than just your average park. Once the site of a palace, Salam Park contains an artificial lake, a wildlife conservation zone, a palm grove, and acres of land to have a picnic or a run on paved trails. There is also a large playground, four prayer buildings, and several restaurants. There are many dining opportunities in Saudi Arabia ranging from inexpensive to expensive. Some of the main specialties include kebab, chickpeas, pita bread, and kultra, which is meat on skewers. If you’re looking for nightlife, you may want to look elsewhere than Saudi Arabia since alcoholic beverages are prohibited. Some people prefer to shop in the evenings since many of the bazaars are open until midnight. 

Wholesale shopping for groceries in Saudi Arabia

Jobs in Azizia Mall Riyadh

Jobs in Saudi Arabia Shopping Malls

Olympic Games Visa

Olympic Games: Advancing the Olympic SpiritVisa believes in the unifying power of sports. Sport unites people, communities and nations. It enriches people’s lives and creates economic development opportunities. In today’s world, where brand and trust mean so much, the Olympic Games reflect those equities found at Visa — worldwide acceptance, reliability, versatility and leadership. Sponsoring the Olympic Games makes good business sense for Visa and our clients.Impacting LivesSponsorships, like Visa’s commitment and support to the Olympic Movement, National Olympic Committees and national teams, have helped ensure the continued success of the Olympic Games. Visa has provided direct economic support to stage the Games themselves and provided untold direct support to thousands of Olympic athletes through support of National Olympic Committees.Additionally, Visa supports Olympic teams and individual athletes through its global Team Visa program, providing financial support, life-skills training and valuable marketing exposure in pursuit of their Olympic Dreams. Team Visa sponsors a mentoring program that allows Olympic and Paralympic Hopefuls to learn from and be inspired by athletes from previous Games.Building Business, Uniting the WorldFinancial institutions and merchants benefit greatly from Visa’s Olympic Games marketing platform, which they use to connect with cardholders on a level that goes beyond commerce. During the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, 573 financial institutions and 491 merchant partners around the world participated directly in Visa Olympic Games promotional programs.Visa was also the first to mount destination marketing programs linked to an Olympic Games host city. For the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, Visa partnered with Tourism Vancouver and Tourism Whistler to promote both domestic and international travel to these beautiful destinations.A Presence Throughout the GamesAt every Olympic Games, Visa is responsible for creating and managing the entire payment system infrastructure across all Olympic venues, including hundreds of point-of-sale acceptance devices and a dedicated ATM network at competition and non-competition venues, including the Main Press Centre, the International Broadcast Centre and the Olympic and Paralympic Village. As a service to its cardholders at the Olympic Games, Visa provides multilingual emergency services and general assistance for cardholders.

Scholarship in King Fahd University of Saudi Arabia

Scholarship for brilliant students of Saudi Arabia

Addressing the media persons, SAABB Group function HR Manager Zeid Al-Rumaihi congratulated the scholarship winners and said that this was a new milestone for ABB. ABB Saudi Arabia has been awarded as the best company to work for in the industrial sector in the Kingdom. This stupendous achievement is the result of our 10 years hard work. We have been maintaining a very affable working environment in the company, said Zeid Al-Rumaihi. Extolling the winners, Zeid said that ABB's initiative has generated a new wave among the academic circle in Saudi Arabia. This is evident from the response we have received from the engineering students to our scholarship campaign. We received a total of 1064 applications, out of which we selected two brilliant students who excelled throughout in every field. Also, five other applicants preferred to join ABB.  

Swedish Scholarship for Saudi Arabian

Speaking on the occasion, the Swedish Ambassador said that ABB's initiative of promoting Saudi students to pursue higher education in Sweden is the beginning of a long journey. Sweden is one of the world's best known countries for education. It has more than 100 years of history in academia with renowned universities offering master's program in engineering, medicine and other educational fields, said H.E. Thesleff. The bilateral relations between Sweden and Saudi Arabia, the two sovereign nations have been cemented further with the visit of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, the then Crown Prince in 2001. Sweden is always keen to encourage and promote research in education which is a profitable investment. Our priority is always to promote investment in education, said the Swedish ambassador.   

Master's degree scholarship for Saudi Arabia

Saudi Herbed Salsa food

The light, bracing combination of cilantro and aromatic green chilis is surprisingly similar to the salsa (sometimes labeled pico de gallo in the States) that sits on the table of nearly every Mexican restaurant. Some Saudis call it dakoos or salata har (spicy salad), but my Jeddah friends just refer to it as salsa. It's wonderful with every sort of food, but absolutely essential when fish or rice is served. The quantities given below are sufficient for a relish, but you'll want to prepare a double recipe if this salsa is to be served as a salad.

Arabic Food Recipes

Exploring Middle Eastern culture

Saudi Arabia oil jobs

Traditional Arabic robes in Saudi Arabia

What do Muslim men wear????

Most popular dance club in Saudi Arabia


Arabian Wonderland Romantic Movies

Night Club in Saudi Arabia

A mirage in the desert dunes. Jumeirah Bab Al Shams Desert Resort Spa is a haven of elegant, comfortable and luxurious in the traditional landscape to admire the romantic Arabian Nights and live experience of the desert. The Resort has 113 rooms and suites furnished in a traditional style of the Gulf and offers the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable dinner in the open desert, the first outdoor restaurant opened in the region. In Al Shams Desert Resort Spa, just 45 minutes from Dubai airport is possible to live an unique experience, a journey through the history and splendor, surrounded by luxury and comfort in the heart of the arabic desert. In the total relax of this fantastic place, while more young people are engaged in various recreational activities proposed, adults can enjoy even more advantage of the many treatments in the Satori Spa Resort, where expert masseurs and therapists will take care of his loving guests. 

Arabian nights experience in Saudi Arabia

Economic challenges to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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World's biggest exporter of oil

Car Production in Saudi Arabia

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