World's largest oil producer country Saudi Arabia

A group of 119 Saudi academics and activists called for the replacement of the current government with a constitutional monarchy that would dramatically reduce the hereditary powers of the royal family, raising the specter of unrest spreading to the world's largest oil producer. On Twitter and Facebook, activists called for demonstrations on March 11 and 20 to demand reforms, echoing the "Day of Rage" dates set by activists elsewhere.

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Tunisian Prime Minister Mohammed Ghannoushi

Tunisia, whose revolution convulsed the Arab world, ousted its second leader in less than two months Sunday, as the euphoria triggered by the uprising in January began to give way to the realization that achieving meaningful reforms may prove tougher than toppling dictators. Tunisian Prime Minister Mohammed Ghannoushi said he was stepping down after days of violent clashes between police and protesters in the capital, Tunis, that left three demonstrators dead. Ghannouchi was a longtime ally of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, who fled the country on Jan. 14 amid massive protests.

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Legal and political rights in Saudi Arabia

Egyptian, Libyan, and Bahraini protestors have not been calling for the kinds of rights that the Facebook website Saudi Women Revolution (which I have previously written about here and here) are demanding. Apparently, another Saudi group which calls itself “Saudi Youth for Justice” is demanding additional legal and political rights. Two days ago, I received an email which reads

Excellent time to apply for Canadian Immigration

It is an excellent time to apply for Canadian Immigration. Canada has been continually ranked by the United Nations as one of the best places to live in the World.  Plus the Canadian economy is booming, which has led to very liberal immigration approval rates.  Darren Silver & Associates can meet all your Canadian Immigration Needs. 

Dominican Republic

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Unemployment benefits in Saudi Arabia

Given the extraordinary and fast-paced events taking place in the Middle East, the Saudi King just promised some concessions. They are only economic concessions: He has offered to share more of his bounty with his people in terms of pay raises, affordable family housing, and unemployment benefits. In short, he is offering his long-suffering people a 37 billion dollar bribe. Why has he done so? What does King Abdullah fear? A number of things: First, a possible Shi’ite takeover of the region. About 40 years after Mohammed’s death, a huge religious war, a violent split, took place between what are now the two main branches of Islam: Sunni and Shi’a. The Islamic Republic of Iran, Azerbaijan, Iraq, and Bahrain are the only Muslim countries with a Shi’ite majority; the more than 50 other Muslim countries (except for Oman, which is Ibadi) have Sunni majorities.

Muslim Women Protesting at a Washington-Area Mosque

This past weekend, though, six Muslim women and I received a very different kind of greeting. As part of a grassroots civil rights movement we call “Pray In,” we walked through the front door of the mosque instead of a dingy back door designated for women. In the cavernous main hall we attempted to exercise our Islamic right to pray behind the men, instead of in the secluded “sisters’ section.” Some of us wore pink head scarves, the color we've chosen to symoblize our "pink pray-in" movement of Islamic feminism.

The Next Capital of Islamic Feminism?

In the midst of a Middle East meltdown, in the midst of the most dangerous mayhem and madness, can a feminist and human rights revolution really be brewing in…Saudi Arabia? We know that Saudi Arabia is exceptionally barbaric towards its women and to all progressive thought. Women are not allowed to drive, and they cannot travel, accept employment, or open a bank account without the approval of a male relative. In addition, Saudi women must be fully veiled from head to toe and from front to back, and they must submit to arranged child marriage and to polygamy.

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Those applying for a tourist visa should have funds of QAR5000 or its equivalent (a credit card will do). If you are staying with friends or relatives you should also have their address

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Hi im just wondering does anyone have any information on a independent skilled Visa. Im a qualified electrician. I was in Australia for a year from march 2009 - 2010 on a working holiday visa ans I am now looking at moving over there for good. The problem is on the information ive found out so far it states that you have to have worked 12 out of the last 24 months in the skill. But because of the year travelling and the recession over here ive only worked 4 months in the last 24 in my trade.

Visa on Arrival

Visa on arrival is available for the residents of 33 countries including Britain, America, Canada and Australia (see below for full list) at a cost of 100 riyals (currently equal to 27 dollars). A joint tourist visa for Qatar and Oman is available, although Qatar must be the first port of entry.

Doha airport

Arrival have been shelved, possibly permanently. However, always please check with your airline and/or embassy in Qatar before booking your travel. Changes to visa policy can happen very rapidly. See visa on arrival below for details of who can apply,
Since Eid 2008 some former residents, whose permits have expired within the previous two years, and who would normally have been granted visa on arrival, are being turned away at Doha airport. If you are in this situation, bring a letter of no objection from your former sponsor if you have one, and try and check the current situation with your airlines

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Malaysia and Tourky

He said both leaders were also looking at areas to expand between the two countries and two specific possibilities that had been identified were the automobile industry and the oil and gas industry. On the current uprising and unrest in a few Countries.

Changes to immigration points system

Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Canada department has begun a consultation process to determine what changes are needed to help it select immigrants most suited to integrating into Canadian life. CIC wants to hear from stakeholders and members of the public after an evaluation found that skilled workers fared better in Canada than their predecessors because of stronger language skills and arranged employment. ‘To stay competitive globally, we have to make sure the skilled immigrants we choose are the ones that we need, and the most likely to succeed when they get here. Research points to some key changes that will help us meet those goals,’ said Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism. 

Post-Graduate Work Permit instructions – Vegreville

This program allows students who have graduated from a participating Canadian post-secondary institution to gain valuable Canadian work experience. Post-Graduate Work Permit can be applied online. For more Information about this, please visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada.
Post-Graduate Work Permit instructions – Vegreville
Post-Graduate Work Permit instructions – Buffalo
Citizenship and Immigration Canada:
Working under the post-graduation work program
Application processing times

Post-Graduation Work Permit Program in Canada

The Post-Graduation Work Permit Program already allows students who have graduated from an eligible program at a post-secondary institution to gain valuable Canadian work experience. Under the program, graduates can apply for open work permits for up to three years, depending on the length of time they studied. Until now, only international students at public universities and colleges and private degree-granting institutions were able to apply. With the implementation of this two-year pilot project on January 31, graduates of private post-secondary institutions with career training programs that have received the British Columbia Education Quality Assurance (EQA) designation are also able to apply for an open work permit.  

Canadian immigration pilot project

The Canadian immigration pilot program is the next step in the Government of Canada’s strategy to attract international students and retain their skills after graduation. Since 2005, the number of foreign students issued a Canadian Visa has increased by 25 percent, with a total of 85,140 entries in 2009. Alice Wong, Parliamentary Secretary for Multiculturalism and Member of Parliament for Richmond, and B.C. Minister of Regional Economic and Skills Development Ida Chong made the program annoucement. “We remain steadfast in our commitment to attract international students to Canada and retaining them after they graduate,” said Parliamentary Secretary Wong. “With this pilot project, we are continuing to build Canada’s standing as a destination of choice for international students.” “In the next decade, B.C. will have more than a million job openings, and immigration is going to be a key factor in our ability to fill them,” said Minister Chong. By expanding this program to private institutions, we’re giving more international students an opportunity to work and potentially to choose British Columbia as their place to call home.”

Recreational and Festival Tourism in Saudi Arabia

The SCTA is currently supporting various tourism festivals that promote the kingdom’s rich culture and heritage. One of the most famous festivals is the Al-Jenadryah Festival and other provincial and city festivals such as Jeddah, Madinah, Taif, Baha, Abha, Eastern Province, Qaseem, Hail, and others.

Culture and Heritage Tourism in Saudi Arabia

The SCTA has identified thousands of archeological sites in the kingdom. The SCTA is seeking the restoration of these sites in order to attract tourists and introduce them to the history and culture of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities

The promising tourism patterns in Saudi Arabia offers investors a wide range for their investments in different fields. The Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) has developed, identified, and worked on few patterns showing encouraging factors for investment mainly due to the economic and political stability and security over the past 76 years.

Promising tourism patterns in Saudi Arabia

In less than five weeks, between March 27-31, 2011, the Saudi Travel & Tourism Investment Market (STTIM) will be opened in Riyadh city, the capital of Saudi Arabia. Most of the stands are already sold, with a few still available for international and local exhibitors. Highly-educated and experienced speakers will gather to present encouraging factors for investment and promising tourism patterns in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The promising tourism patterns in Saudi Arabia offers investors a wide range for their investments in different fields. The Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) has developed, identified, and worked on few patterns showing encouraging factors for investment mainly due to the economic and political stability and security over the past 76 years.

Saudi administration for information

Tunisia has formally requested Saudi Arabia for the extradition of ousted president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali for standing trial over his alleged involvement in the deaths of hundreds of protesters during the recent uprising against his rule, the state news agency TAP reported Sunday. In a statement released Sunday, Tunisia's foreign ministry accused the former leader of involvement in "serious crimes" aimed at "sowing discord between the citizens of the same country by pushing them to kill one another." In addition to the extradition of Ben Ali, the Tunisian government also requested the Saudi administration for information regarding the health of the ousted leader in wake of unconfirmed reports that he is currently "gravely ill" in the oil-rich Gulf Kingdom after suffering a stroke.

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  • Alwaleed Bin Talal’s foundation in Saudi Arabia

    The money was returned because Alwaleed bin Talal had suggested that U.S. policies in the Middle East contributed to the September 11 attacks.  Senor also inferred that Alwaleed Bin Talal has “funded radical madrasas all over the world.” In her February 5, 2010 blog, Diana West asked rhetorically if Fox News should register as a Saudi agent.  She wrote: “Alwaleed bin Talal’s charm-blitz through NY, juxtaposing Fox News’ Neil Cavuto’s sweetheart interview with “the prince” and Charlie Rose’s far more revealing conversation – essentially, it’s…all Israel’s fault, and “my” 1.5 billion Muslims are all like the ‘underpants’ bomber’s father [who informed authorities about his terrorist son].

    Ground Zero Mosque and Saudi Prince

    So who is Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, this “philanthropist” who wants to “achieve tolerance beyond geographical boundaries? Appearing on Fox News on August 26, 2010, Dan Senor, a former Bush administration official hinted that Feisal Abdul Rauf, the “Ground Zero Mosque” imam, received financial support from Alwaleed Bin Talal’s foundation.  Although Dan Senor did not mention the prince’s name, he qualified him by saying, “The Kingdom Foundation [Bin Talal's foundation], so you know, is this Saudi organization, headed up by the guy who tried to give Rudy Giuliani $10 million after 9/11 that was sent back. The money was returned because Alwaleed bin Talal had suggested that U.S. policies in the Middle East contributed to the September 11 attacks.  Senor also inferred that Alwaleed Bin Talal has “funded radical madrasas all over the world.

    Center for Islamic-Christian Understanding at Georgetown University

    In an expensive (approximately $295K) full-page advertisement published in the Wall Street Journal, Alwaleed Bin Talal stated: “We are dedicated to build a bridge of communication between East and West to achieve a comprehensive tolerance beyond geographical boundaries.” The ad shows images of academic institutions where the Alwaleed Bin Talal foundation has invested millions, including the Program for Islamic Studies at Harvard University; the Center for Islamic-Christian Understanding at Georgetown University; the Center for the Study of Islam in the Modern World at Edinburgh University, Scotland; the Centre for Islamic Studies at Cambridge, UK; a program for Furthering Understanding Scholarship Scheme at the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies at Exeter University, UK.

    Saudi Billionaire Buys Pieces of America

    Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, the  Saudi Arabia royal billionaire, has become a major player in Saudi Arabia’s propaganda campaign, which is aimed at providing it’s archaic, Wahabbi-funding regime with a humane face.  Bin Talal has done so by whitewashing the role the Saudis have played in promoting Islamic and Wahabbi intolerance towards non-Muslims and radical Salafist movements, which engage in terror and stealth Jihad.  To accomplish his task, he has bought a slice of American and Western academia, and increasingly, the media.

    Online Quran teaching Jobs in USA

    US businesses hired more people than expected in January amid record-low job cuts for the month, reports showed Wednesday ahead of the keenly awaited government jobs numbers Friday. Businesses added 187,000 jobs in January, starting the year with "solid growth" across major industries, private payrolls firm ADP said. The increase topped the average analyst forecast of 145,000 new private-sector jobs, but was lower than December's revised 247,000, initially reported as 297,000. ADP said the recent pattern of rising employment gains since the middle of last year "appears to be intact," citing an average gain over December and January of 217,000 that was well above the average gain over the prior six months -- 52,000.

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