Black and simple Abaya design in Saudi arabia

Once there was a time when you could see only black and simple Abaya but now it can be noticed that all Abaya are not simple and black in its specific style. These are in a lot of varieties and styles. Many have some sort of decorative trim on the sleeve, around the neck and at the front opening in long line style. Sometimes it is made of handmade contrasting fabric and sometimes it is done in embroidery form. Here are some designers that are decorating Abaya with crystal work. In some towns of non-Muslim countries where women wear Abaya just as fashion, they wear more fitted Abaya with a lot of cuts that is specifically made for fashion. They wear it just as a fashion but not with the purpose of veil. In some places of the Middle East, Abaya is also worn by male as well as women. In some Middle East countries, it is also worn as a culture by men. Male and female are obliged to wear it, like in Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries.

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