New Reservation And Check In System in Arik Airways

Arik Air, that is a leading airline offering cheap flights to Lagos Nigeria has stated in a recent bulletin that travel agents and consolidators making Arik Air flights reservation during the weekend may come across technical issues as the airline is putting MARS, its new reservation and check in system in active use. The carrier expressed pride and joy over this development which is likely to speed up the reservation system with Arik Airways, a Nigerian based airline.  Arik is reckoned among some of the fastest growing airline of Africa and offers direct flights to Abuja which is another prominent Nigerian destination. The airline flies from London Heathrow and nonstop to Lagos and Abuja with weekly schedules. Further, Arik stated that this changeover of system will only cause temporary and minor technical difficulties while making flights reservations through the existing system this weekend. The airline requested all concerned to cooperate and remain patient while this cutover to MARS takes place and assured that it will be trying to minimize the extent of any possible disruption.

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