The 150 Carat Diamond Wedding Dress in saudi arabia

The 150 Carat Diamond Wedding Dress in Saudi Arabia
Meet the most expensive wedding attire ever to be constructed. The 150 carat $12 million wedding dress! (Talk about bling!) World-renowned jeweler Martin Katz along with designer Renee Strauss, have recently unveiled their latest, most expensive creation. A wedding dress encrusted with a total weight of 150 carats in diamonds and valued at a whopping $12 million. The creamy white, heart-shaped bodice is set with a stunning array of diamonds, which trail down to the dress’s amazing full-length, satin skirt in beautiful and dazzling patterns.

The dress’s veil is laced with rhinestone rather than with diamonds. One can only reason that the veil would become too heavy to wear comfortably if it too were to be set with diamonds.

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