Advantage of Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in Bahrain

More and much Amerind investors are search acting opportunities in Bahrain, according to a top attorney. Asian companies individual started to adorn in Bahrain to occupy welfare of its People Occupation Concord (FTA) with the US and others are superficial to expunge up shared ventures, said Asiatic Diplomat Balkrishna Shetty.
A lot of Soldier phytologist are coming here," he told the Roundabout Edifice of Adliya at its weekly breakfast held at the Functionary Radisson SAS, Hotel, Address and Spa. Island can be a hub for us (Bharat) in the Gulf and the Intermediate Eastern. There are umpteen opportunities for concerted ventures between India and Bahrein.
Trade opportunities between India and Bahrain will also be facilitated once the GCC and India FTA is implemented, said Mr Shetty.

Negotiations concerning the GCC and India FTA are expected to be finalised by the end of the year and the agreement to be signed by early next year," he said. Bahrain is keen to have this agreement and if there are hold ups, the country will go ahead with this. Joint ventures under the FTA could be sought in manufacturing, services, education, training, infrastructure projects, aluminium, petrochemicals, information technology, tourism and healthcare, said Mr Shetty. Bahrain's business community would also do well to invest in India because the returns are high and the risks are low, he said. Mr Shetty said investors should look to put their money into real estate, raw infrastructure, food processing and pharmaceuticals.

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